In the interest of the most possible musical sound characteristics, CANOR still relies on the use of tubes for most of its products. In order to guarantee reliable operation of all components working with tubes, the Slovakians developed their own vacuum tube measuring system, as the systems available on the market did not meet the accuracy and functionality required by CANOR engineers.

Now all measured tube parameters can be stored in a database and the tubes can be selected according to different filters for the measuring accuracy. The development of this system, called “Aladdin”, took about six years and it enables the technicians to make a specific selection from “Aladdin’s wonder lamps”.

The anodising of aluminium parts is done in-house.

CANOR uses its own, completely automated SMT (Surface Mounted Technology) line for the assembly and soldering of the circuit boards. It consists of screen printing machines, automatic placement machines, reflow ovens and conveyor systems. Depending on the components used, the capacity of the SMT line is up to approx. 13,000 components per hour. The procurement of components for board assembly is carried out by our own purchasing department – more than 4,000 different types of components are stored in a clearly arranged, electronically controlled storage system. CANOR currently produces more than 500 different types of printed circuit boards.

CANOR uses CMT Technology™ for all its units. This technology was developed in a long series of tests and improves the sound characteristics of all CANOR units. Circuits with tubes work with higher impedances and even the smallest parasitic capacitances have a sonic effect as reactive losses. The applied CMT Technology™ in the PCB layout reduces the deviation from the ideal loss angle (towards zero). With this production method, we achieve the characteristics of even the most complex point-to-point wiring with a consistently high production quality that is hardly possible with free wiring.

Besides a high quality in the production of printed circuit boards CANOR is also optimally equipped for the production of mechanical parts, their surface treatment and final assembly. Almost all the design elements of CANOR products are created with in-house high-precision CNS milling machines made of aluminium, iron and chrome. After milling, the corresponding components are brushed or sandblasted. The final production stage for aluminium parts is silver or black anodising. This is carried out on a semi-automatic line designed and built by CANOR, as this is the only way to meet the specific requirements imposed by the company, such as maximum quality and reliability of
the anodised surface, a clear repeatability of the colour shades and an optimal durability can be guaranteed.

With the automated SMT production line, boards can be assembled and soldered in perfect quality.

CANOR also has a fully shielded measuring room for the officially prescribed tests of electromagnetic compatibility (EMC). This high level of constructional and technical complexity makes it possible to test all electronic devices manufactured in-house, independently of external laboratories, with regard to the emission of electromagnetic waves and to examine their immunity to external interference. The advantages of being able to control the production of high-end audio products from design to development and manufacturing are obvious.