The CANOR story has its origins in the early 1990s, when Zdeňek Březovják – until today chief developer and co-owner of the company – met his business partners. Before that, the son of a musician and multi-instrumentalist had learned to play the violin and tenor saxophone himself, but soon became more interested in the technical aspects of sound reproduction. So Zdeňek Březovják studied electrical engineering, specialized in radio electronics and gained experience at a manufacturer of professional P.A. amplifiers.

Later, the engineer developed his first own mono power amplifiers as well as a battery-powered pre-amplifier – and met up with his current comrades-in-arms, who were working on the TP101 tube integrated amplifier at the time. The prototype of this first mass-produced device was presented at the trade fair in Brno (Czech Republic) in April 1995.

After further models with alternative circuit concepts and tubes, the current Class A integrated tube amplifier AI 1.10 was finally developed. It is now supported by the transistor amplifier AI 1.20, the tube phono preamplifier PH 1.10and PH 2.10, the combined tube and Class D integrated amplifier AI 2.10 and the CD players CD 1.10 and 2.10.

All tubes are measured and archived with the in-house developed test system “Aladdin”.

The circuit boards are produced with the automated CMT line and by hand.

More than 4,000 different components can be retrieved from the electronically controlled storage system.