DAC 2.10 Performance Line


  • Tube output stage
  • DSD-Formats: DSD64, DSD128, DSD256, DSD512
  • PCM Sampling frequencies von 44,1 kHz bis 768 kHz
  • 8 switchable digital filters
  • MQA-decoding
  • XLR- und cinch outputs
  • USB-B-Input, AES/EBU-inputs, coaxial and optical S/PDIF inputs
  • Informative, high-contrast and brightness-adjustable display
  • Intelligent menu structure for easy operation
  • SRP: 3.849,- €

Technical data
Output voltage 2,0V RMS - 0dBFS on digital inputs /RCA output
Output voltage 4,0V RMS - 0dBFS on digital inputs /XLR output
Sampling rates 44,1/48/88,2/96/176,4/192/352,8/384/705,6/768 kHz
DSD support DSD64, DSD128, DSD256 and DSD512 (DoP, DSD512 native)
MQA support Full MQA unfolding by hardware
Output impedance < 200 ohms
Digital to Analogue converter 2 x ESS9038Q2M 32-bit (dual mono)
Filter settings 8 different digital
Output buffer Balanced tubes
Tubes 4 x 6922EH
Display 3,5” TFT module, 480x320, 360 cd/m2, contrast ratio 700, full viewing MVA technology
USB data transfer Asynchronous, DSD DoP up to DSD512 support and PCM up to 24bit/768kHz
Digital inputs:
USB input: 1 x USB Audio Class 2 requires USB 2.0 (USB B connector)
S/PDIF optical input 2 x up to 24bit / 192kHz (TOSlink®)
S/PDIF coaxial input 1 x up to 24bit / 192kHz (RCA socket)
AES/EBU 1 x up to 24bit / 192kHz balanced (XLR connector)
Analogue outputs:
Balanced output 2 x XLR connectors
Unbalanced output 1 x pair of RCA connectors