Manufacturer Warranty

Please read the information “Difference between warranty and guarantee” carefully first.

Every CANOR product equipped with tubes comes with a two-year manufacturer’s warranty, except for tubes, for which we offer a three-month warranty period. This is a manufacturer’s warranty period depending on the type of product and is only valid for devices registered on the registration page at Damage or defects caused by one or more of the following conditions are not covered by this warranty

  • Misuse, neglect or failure to follow the instructions in the user manual
  • Connecting or operating the device in a manner that does not comply with the technical or safety regulations of the country in which the product is used
  • Damage or defects caused by force or other conditions beyond the control of the manufacturer

If an inspection/repair of the product by CANOR or its representative/authorized distributor shows that the defect in question is not covered by the warranty, the inspection/repair costs must be paid by the customer. Products that do not comply with the terms of this warranty may be repaired at Buyer’s expense. Any repair or opening of the product by unauthorized personnel (including the user) will void any warranty.